Policy Adjustments, Evaluations and More


Evaluate the existing insurance policy to determine what coverage may apply to a claim. Public adjusters' services also include research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses.

Our Offerings

  • Evaluate Business Interruption Losses and Extra Expense Claims for Businesses
  • Determine Values for Settling Covered Damages
  • Prepare, Document, and Support the Claim on Behalf of the Insured
  • Negotiate a Settlement With the Insurance Company on Behalf of an Insured
  • Re-open a Claim and Negotiate for More Money if a Discrepancy Is Found After the Claim Has Been Settled
Burnt Home Inside View
Wooden Home Burnt

Benefits of Hiring
a Public Adjuster

The most benefit is likely to be realized if they are engaged immediately in case of a loss. Shortly after the insurance company receives notice of a loss, an adjuster representing the insurance company will visit the policyholder to gather facts about how the loss occurred, the magnitude of the loss, and the possibility of subrogation.

Resolve Your Claims the Fastest!

Hire a public adjuster! Typically a policyholder hires a public adjuster to document and expedite their claims, obtain satisfactory insurance contract negotiation services and claim recovery more quickly, completely restore their residence or business operations, and insulate themselves from the stress of engaging in an adversarial role with a large corporation. In short, the added burden can be alleviated by the work of a public adjuster like Popkin Adjustment Company.

Burnt House and Furniture
House on Fire

Public Adjusters
at Reasonable Charges

Popkin Adjustment Company does not charge for an initial consultation. Public adjusters charge a percentage of the settlement, with the charge being between 8% to 10%. Primarily they appraise the damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documentation, read the insurance policy to determine coverage, and come to terms with the insurance company's adjuster.